About The Guy:

Xsteve edgeX has been into the custom vehicle scene for as long as he's had his licence. He finally settled on minitrucking. He's owned a Nissan hardbody and currently is building a Chevy S10. This is Steve's most extensive build and plans on learning a lot from it for future projects. Other than that, Steve is a new home owner and is currently working on his garage. Steve is also the owner/operator of 3am customs and does powder coating. Steve joined Xtreme Gravity in July of 2012. Since joining the club, Steve has completed this profile and probably did more work on his truck...

The Modfather

About His Ride:

Year, Make and, Model:
1997 Chevy S10

Custom Front Bumper, Shaved Hombre Fenders w/ BMW Z4 Turn Signals, Sonoma Hood, Shaved Mirror, Shaved Door Handles Activated By Magnet, Shaved Tailgate Handle

Solid Polished Billet Steering Wheel, Otherwise More To Come

Full Air Suspension, Triangulated 4-Link, Air Zenith Compressor, 1/2" Lines and Valves, Air Lift Bags

20" Iroc's

JVC CD/DVD Player and a Pyle Monitor For Now...

4 Banger (Yeah, It's Slow), with an Air Intake, and Custom Exhaust, Automatic Trans

Favorite Feature(s):
Magnetic Door Popper Trigger

Favorite Show Attended:
Camp N' Drag

Furthest Show Attended:
Camp N' Drag

Plans For The Future:
Finish Shaving, Interior and Paint...

What else do you have?:
1974 Honda CB200 - Slowly becoming a Cafe Racer, and a 2007 Honda Fit (Shut Up, gas prices are high)

Shout Outs!:
Fellow XG members, Joe Dubs for looking at things and fixing them, my friends who aren't into the minitruckin' scene but still listen to the crap I talk about, my sister for letting me store my truck at her house for a few years, my nephews for scraping their bike handle bars along my truck and encouraging me to get a paint job, and my parents for letting me work in their garage - especially my dad who's helped out on many projects...