About The Guy:

My name is Steve Obert ( Steve-O ) and I'm from Marion, Ohio. I've been into the custom scene 97. I have always loved cars and trucks. I've had lots of custom cars and trucks. Bagged 98 S10, 1st bagged 02 Durango around Ohio, and more. My current trucks are a 91 old school s10, and a 94 s10 ext cab. Aint no ride like a low ride, just how I roll.

I got into the show scene starting out with stereo systems back in 98 with friends and good memories. It also left me with the feeling of doing more to make my cars custom... I also crave the attention I get when I pull up to a stop sign and drop it. It's a feeling like no other. When I went to my first Xtreme Gravity show I meet a group of people just like me. I thought to myself I need to be in this group.. I was having hard times in my life at that point Xtreme Gravity was more than just friends most of them made me feel like I was family. I've been in and out of club over the years. So I asked to join back and got a big welcome back nothing like family to enjoy good times and beer with glad to be back Thanks guys. I also have fun traveling to all the out of state shows and seeing all the work people have put into their rides. I've also enjoyed working on my vehicles as well as helping club members and other friends out with theirs. It's also is awesome to met tons of new people that enjoy the same things I do.

Steve The builder

About His Ride:

Year, Make and, Model:
1991 S10 ( Dime Bag )
1994 S10 Ext Cab ( Purple Pavement Eater )

( Dime Bag )- Shaved Door Handles, Custom Paint, Cap w/ Window boot
( Purple Pavement Eater ) Full frame Restore, Shaved Door Handles, Cali Combo Rear, Custom Flip Flop Paint

( Dime Bag ) Tweed Int, Otherwise Stock
( Purple Pavement Eater ) Under construction

( Dime Bag ) Edc Converson, 8 Gal Tank 2 1/2 Fill Valves, 3/8 Dumps, Tweed Int, Universal 4-Link, and 4 Slam Bags
( Purple Pavement Eater ) Edc Converson, 8 Gal Tank 2 1/2 Fill Valves, 3/8 Dumps, Thorbros 3-link with Rased Gas Tank Member, and 4 Slam Bags

( Dime Bag ) 15" Wire Wheels
( Purple Pavement Eater ) 20" Wheels

( Dime bag ) Cd Player
( Purple Pavement Eater ) Nothing Yet

( Dime Bag ) Stock 2.8 V6 and 5 Speed Trans
( Purple Pavement Eater )4.3l Vortec Engine, 5 Speed Trans

Favorite Feature(s):
( Dime Bag ) Old School look brings back the good memories
( Purple Pavement Eater ) The paint

Favorite Show Attended:
Dropt Out and ITB

Furthest Show Attended:
Lay'd Out At The Park in Morristown, Tn

Plans For The Future:
( Dime Bag ) Not sure for this toy more of a drag and destory toy.
( Purple Pavement Eater ) The interior, full car audio, and finish it.

What else do you have?:
2000 Tundra (Daily) , Pontoon Boat, 650 V-Star, 4 Wheeler

Shout Outs!:
Big shout out to Xtreme Gravity. Derek W. and Mark G. for all the help with my 2 toys.